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IT Solutions


During the initial consultation, we listen to the customers needs and look for ways to reduce the amount of paper handled in your office. From there, we put together a hardware and software solution that would enable the efficient sharing of electronic files, rather than paper documents.

These files are then stored in digital form locally, or in the cloud. "The cloud" is a figurative name for off-site digital storage, accessible via secure Internet connections, often used as a backup for one computer or an entire Network.


Consulting and Solutions


  •     Inspect network security and supply disaster recovery solutions

  •  Advise on PC, servers and network equipment choices and purchases

  •  Consult on software needs (finance, workflow, process, productivity, etc.) choices and options

  •  Consult on forming an Internet presence (domain, hosting, web site, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

  •     Advise on data and telecom provider (Comcast, Verizon, etc.) choices and service options


PCs and Network


  •  Data (LAN/WAN) and telephone network creation and support

  •  Install and host off-site backup of PC and server data (to the cloud)

  •  Remote and on-site helpdesk service

  •  Anti-virus and malware removal

  •  Inspect PC software/hardware to determine causes of problems

  •  Upgrade operating systems and application software (Windows 7, Office, Adobe, etc.)

  •  Windows Active Directory domain (file/directory security and permissions) creation and management

  •  Exchange (e-mail), SharePoint (Intranet) and SQL (database) creation and management

  •  Messaging systems (e-mail, instant messaging) installation and management

  •  Network device installation and integration (routers, switches, MFPs, etc.)

  •  E-mail management and archiving training

  •  Documentation of network information

  •  VPN creation and management (access to PCs and servers from off-site)

  •  Wireless network implementation

  •  Facilitation of Internet and telecom provider installations


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