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Why Choose Encore?

Six Reasons Why You Need A Copier Service Agreement From Us! 

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The modern multi-function printer has become as important to most enterprises as its computer system, making its upkeep and repair just as vital.


The best way to ensure smooth print operations is with a Copier Service Agreement from Encore Business Systems, and here are six reasons why:


1.  Predictable Operating Costs


•  All consumables, including toners, drums, maintenance kits
•  All repair and preventive maintenance labor
•  All parts — from fuser units, transfer kits, waste toner bottles, rollers, paper guides — everything
• Maximize your up-time

2. An Ounce Of Prevention


Preventing mechanical problems before they happen is the best cure for downtime. Performing regularly scheduled maintenance on any mechanical device is the best way to avoid costly (both in time and money) repairs before they happen.


3. Insurance


The modern multifunction printer can be a substantial capital investment and is usually insured. Most warranties assume a certain amount of required maintenance will be performed.


4. Only Highly Trained Personnel Working On Your Machine


Multi-function printers are complex mechanisms. They are both digital laser devices and sophisticated analog machines with many paper paths, rollers, brushes, drums, optical readers and laser projectors – plus their own set of software. They need, and manufacturer warranties require, trained and qualified technicians to maintain them.


5. Better Service Response Time


In today's office, downtime is a huge problem. If a tool that has been providing printing, copying, faxing, scanning, document routing, storage suddenly goes offline…it can be disastrous for your business! Encore Business Systems will guarantee that a qualified technician will be at your office within a contracted-for period of time.


6. Complete And Accurate Service Records


Encore Business Systems will make it possible to keep accurate service records of your machine including service history, response time, the problem addressed, the date of the service call, length of time and number of copies between service calls, along with parts used.

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